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We are a collective of facilitators who value the Enneagram as a tool for psychological and spiritual enlightenment and liberation. We are experts in the energetics of the Enneagram and the techniques of the Embodiment Tradition. 

Lissa Friedman, PhD set the roots of our collective when she began teaching the Enneagram over 2 decades ago. Prior to developing the Embodiment Tradition, Lissa studied intensely with many Enneagram masters including Oscar Ichazo and the Arica School. In 2013, Lissa partnered with her daughter, Tammy Hendrix, LCSW, to found the Enneagram Center of Asheville. In 2017, they expanded to form a collective with more facilitators offering many exciting Enneagram events.  

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Embodying the energetics of the Enneagram

Our Embodiment technique is a dynamic way to learn and experience the energetics of the Enneagram, in addition to the information. 

At our Collective, we have a deep respect for the original purpose of the Enneagram. We mindfully use it to help ourselves and others transcend fixation and realize the wholeness of our being and it's centers - mind, heart, body, and spirit.


Journey With Us - Fixation to Freedom


Each type holds a spectrum of contracted AND expanded patterns. The contractions are painful unconscious strategies of perceiving and reacting that create separation experiences. The expansions range from pleasant strategies for getting our deepest needs met to the most open qualities of our natural states of consciousness - purity, compassion, appreciation, radiance, peace, spaciousness, bliss, power, and harmony.

We begin life expanded. Stressors, starting with birth, create contracted and painful patterns in our being - experiences of fixation and separation. When we loosen and relax back open, fixation dissolves and the subtle qualities remain.

Each fixation is a defense mechanism, a strategy of coping and trying to get our unconscious needs met. Each type has a unique pathway back to expansion. Oscar Ichazo, created this system as a guide to freedom from fixation. We help people transform contracted patterns and embody expanded qualities.


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