Certification in the Embodiment Tradition

The enneagram is a powerful tool for working through painful patterns, becoming free from the contracted sense of self, and embodying the open and expanded qualities of our human expressions.

This program is strongly recommended for healing professionals, educators, and facilitators looking to add this system to their treatment modalities. It is also strongly recommended for personal growth and awakening. The next program is scheduled to begin fall 2016.


If you are interested in joining our 1-year certification program, the first step is to attend the Enneagram Embodiment Workshops Part 1 and 2.

Major Components of the Program

    • Processing our enneatype patterns and exploring our deeper truths

    • Learning to demonstrate the energetic feeling and behavior of each of the enneatypes including subtypes

    • Learning to integrate the enneagram into professional practice, whether as a teacher, healer, or facilitator


    • Each day long class (12 total) is $125 payable in monthly installments.

    • The final weekend intensive is $200 + boarding for non-commuters.

    • A 10% discount is applied to full certification payments received by the first class.

    • Students are obligated to pay for every class. If a class is missed, the instructors schedule a private meeting to cover missed material, but payment is due at the date of the class.

    • There are sliding scale spots reserved for students who are unable to afford the full cost.


    • Differentiate enneatypes

    • Differentiate subtypes

    • Observe non-verbal aspects (energetics) of types

    • Explore your own type bias (enneatype countertransference)

    • Develop interviewing and presentation skills

    • Assessment of your strengths and growth areas

    • Body awareness and centering practices

    • Learn how to embody each type

    Participant Goals

      • Understand the enneagram deeply

      • Learn how to teach, facilitate, and/or provide consultation using the enneagram effectively

      • Awaken from the dream of enneatype fixation


      This program provides over 70 face to face Continuing Education Credits CEUs that can be applied to a variety of professional licenses through the North Carolina Board of Behavioral Sciences.


      Upon completion, participants will receive endorsement from the Enneagram Center of Asheville including internationally renowned enneagram teacher, Lissa Friedman, PhD to teach, facilitate, and consult in the Embodiment Tradition.


      • 12 monthly 5 hour classes on Saturdays or Sundays
      • 1 final intensive weekend retreat: Friday – Sunday

      Participants are encouraged to engage in a regular on-going virtual discussion group created for each cohort

      Program cohorts are kept small 8-12 people to provide an intense learning experience. Participants tend to bond closely and form connections that last beyond the program. The inter-cohort dynamics enhance both formal and informal learning components of the training.

      We schedule all the meetings together in advance at the beginning of the year. When participants are unable to attend a class for extenuating circumstances, they are still obligated to pay for the class due at the date of the class and schedule a private meeting with the instructors to cover missed material.

      Each monthly class focuses on either a triad or enneatype. The triad or type is described and demonstrated by a panel. Program participants are encouraged to invite friends and family they believe have the enneatype of the month to sit on the panels. Panel volunteers are interviewed with respect and compassion to make their experience as comfortable as possible.

      Each class is split in two parts. The first half of the day is a recorded panel teaching. Participants receive a recording from each meeting, the cost is part of the tuition. During the second half of the day, the core students (8-12) meet with the instructors to process the featured enneatype, discuss reactions from their own fixations, learn how to embody the pattern, and on-going work at releasing patterns.

      The final step is a weekend intensive retreat in Asheville NC, which provides the final supportive structure needed to move out into the world as an enneagram teacher, facilitator, and consultant in the Embodiment Tradition.


        Participants in this program will learn how to teach the Part 1 workshop, including descriptions and demonstrations the 9 patterns, subtypes, movement, and pattern release. Participants will learn some of the part 2 workshop involving the hierarchy of subtypes, wings, movement and a second stage of pattern release.

        In Part 1 people are introduced to the idea that they are born with a pattern – a way of seeing, understanding, and responding to the world and life. This pattern is not personal, unique or individual. Everyone with the same pattern has a very similar dynamic. A simplistic glimpse of how to be free of the pattern is presented. The most important first step is the recognition and acceptance that there is a pattern.

        In Part 1, people are offered individualized help to figure out their enneatype. For some people it can take a few workshops before they are sure of their fixation. This is an important element of the Part 1 and Part 2 teaching.

        If the Part 1 workshop is done well and the teaching resonates, people often go on to delve deeper into their healing process. If it is not done well people may find the information interesting but not understand its deep importance and power. When the enneagram teaching is clear and deep it is a path to breaking free of the ego.

        The teaching in Part 1 should be dynamic and demonstrative. The energetic expression of each pattern should be acted out so that participants can see and feel the difference between each pattern. When the enneagram is taught only descriptively it is often confusing because we all share so many behaviors, tendencies, and emotions. When the energetic dynamic is embodied and acted out, people get a feel for what is deeper than the personality or behavior. The underlying motivations influencing each type are presented in body language, talking style, and general demeanor. A clear teacher has processed and transcended enough of their own enneatype pattern to cleanly embody each of the other patterns.

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