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Divine Energies - Monthly Enneagram Group

  • POiNT Health Collective 264 Haywood Road (WEST) Asheville, NC, 28806 United States (map)

Do you have a felt understanding of the sacred beauty, power, and wisdom of each type?

This journey involves co-creating experiences to see, activate, and integrate the divine qualities of the Enneagram. THIS OPEN GROUP MEETS THE 2nd SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH and is lead by Tammy Hendrix, LCSW who co-founded the Enneagram School of Asheville.

Together we will:

  • Cultivate and deepen our experiential understanding of the liberated energies of the Enneagram - the sacred beauty, power, and wisdom of each type

  • Grow to see these divine aspects as the fundamental energies everyone is already embodying
  • Activate more fully the sacred qualities of our primary type AND ALL the divine qualities of the Enneagram - since we all have access to all the elements of the Enneagram

This month we will explore the TYPE 9 -

I invite you to begin to think about and feel into the "higher" qualities and liberated energetics of the type 9. I will bring Jungian archetypes and Tantric deities may fit. It is not a coincidence that type 9 sits at the top and center of the enneagram. The sacred essence of the 9 is called immortal being or pure awareness - the space in which other forms arise. 

To me, the liberated energy of the 9 feels ALIVE and whole. When fixated it can feel subtle, vague, and is often a challenge to perceive. The liberated core of 9 can also be challenging to experience - but I believe for a different reason. I used to teach that the sacred essence of 9 is the most subtle facet of unity. Now I believe it is the most all encompassing - there is room for ALL inside this essence. In terms of frequencies - the sacred vibration of the 9 is multiple (perhaps infinite) frequencies vibrating at once in unison. What fun this will be to co-create and unpack! This Sunday we will: 

  • discuss the sacred purpose of the type 9
  • experience it's essence as sacred subtle energies ALIVE in our body
  • utilize other systems - such as Jungian archetypes and Tantric deity traditions - to activate it's powers 
  • I will invite everyone to continue this work and develop a practice to cultivate the divine energy 9 until we meet again  
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